Technical Assistance

Centering lived experience with homelessness in program delivery and practice.

The National Coalition for the Homeless is a subcontractor to many consultants in an attempt to assist in the Federal agencies in hearing the voices of those impacted by homelessness with a series of Technical Assistance (TA) subcontracts. These include pandemic and post pandemic strategies for helping those without housing. These individuals help craft language and policies to serve the best interest of those living without housing in the United States. In California, NCH is working to create racial equity standards for housing and homeless social service providers. In addition, we are working to improve the conditions within shelter across the United States with our experts who have years of experience living in homeless shelters.

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The Framework for an Equitable Homelessness Response

NCH has been a partner in this national project to envision a more holistic and therapeutic emergency response system. We have led focus groups of people who have utilized emergency and interim housing, and connected the project with consultants who have lived experience with homelessness. This presentation is made by our consultants, Shaundell Diaz, Rashema Melson and Claudine Sipili, in conjunction with Matthew Doherty, project lead.