Elevating the voices of homelessness to become the centerpiece of strategy, advocacy and policy.

The National Coalition for the Homeless Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau provides opportunities for groups, organizations, and institutions to engage with individuals with the lived experience of homelessness, who utilize their knowledge and expertise to bring deeper awareness and understanding about homelessness, and how we can end it.

Comprised of people who know how it feels and what it looks like, and means to live on the streets, in encampments, cars, shelters, transitional housing, or doubled-up with friends and family, the Speakers’ Bureau is a vehicle to share life stories, life lessons, and current advocacy efforts to address housing and homelessness issues across the United States.

Our Speakers

Robert Worren

Faces of Homelessness Speaker

Rochelle Ellison

Faces of Homelessness Speaker


Faces of Homelessness Speaker

We must provide leadership roles to people who have experienced homelessness in order to improve the lives of all unhoused individuals. We can do this by empowering unhoused individuals to take on leadership roles and create change. We equip people with lived experience of homelessness with the tools they need to drive policy and practice, transforming society’s perceptions about homelessness.

Equip people with lived experience of homelessness to embrace leadership roles and transform public policy to be more inclusive.

Storytelling for Advocacy & Change


Faces of Homelessness speakers come from all walks of life, representing youth experiencing family homelessness, adults who survived various childhood traumas, individuals who lived with alcohol and substance use disorder, individuals who lived with mental health challenges, and someone who experienced homeless for the first time as a senior citizen due to eviction. Our speakers represent too many others in society who have experienced homelessness and those who continue to face housing insecurity today.

Hear what audiences are saying:

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Robyn L. 

“I was moved by the speakers at the National Coalition of Homelessness as their stories prompted me to dispel my own stereotypes surrounding who experiences homelessness and why. Robert and Rachelle’s stories were engaging, powerful, and different from each other, reflecting that everyone has a different experience with homelessness. I appreciated their openness to answer our questions and passion to teach us about the work they do in the community.”

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Harshitha T.

“The speakers at the National Coalition for the Homeless are incredibly engaging and inspiring. Their stories will move you and teach you more about homelessness– breaking down any stigmas or stereotypes. They welcome any and all questions in order to help you get a clear understanding of what homelessness actually is.”

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Valencia M.

“Don was a dynamic speaker sharing his journey from homelessness to housing on the closing day, setting the tone for what we do next to close the housing gap.”