Our Campaigns

On Monday, April 22nd, a powerful wave of advocates and partners gathered at the U.S. Supreme Court, echoing a unified message: “Housing Not Handcuffs!” At its heart, Johnson v. Grants Pass isn’t just about one town; it’s a reflection of the broader struggle for dignity, respect, and the right to exist in public spaces without fear of harassment or punishment. The case is simple: can cities that fail to meet everybody’s basic needs of housing or shelter punish people with no choice but to sleep outside for using things like blankets or pillows?

The Local Power Tour aims to educate the public of the realities of being homeless in America and shift public perceptions of homelessness to a more compassionate understanding. We believe that this amplification of local efforts will serve to inform and inspire Americans across the US to stand with local organizers and advocates and demand the decriminalization of homelessness and housing justice for all.

The Bring America Home NOW (BAHN) Campaign, spearheaded by the National Coalition for the Homeless, is a comprehensive grassroots campaign to end homelessness in the U.S. Led by people who have themselves experienced homelessness, the campaign focuses on the passage of federal legislation aimed at addressing the interconnected solutions to the decades-long epidemic of homelessness in the United States.

The You Don’t Need a Home to Vote campaign seeks to promote voting access for low income and homeless persons to ensure that people who are economically disadvantaged maintain a voice in shaping their future. This toolkit provides ideas for individuals and organizations interested in helping people experiencing homelessness to overcome the obstacles that have traditionally prevented them from becoming registered, active voters.