BAHN Innovative Internship

Overview of Campaign: The National Coalition for the Homeless is spearheading the launch of Bring America Home Now: A Comprehensive Grassroots Campaign to End Homelessness in the U.S. Led by people who have themselves experienced homelessness, we will focus on the passage of federal legislation aimed at addressing the interconnected solutions to the decades-long epidemic of homelessness in the United States. The campaign focuses on 6 major policy areas: Housing, Health, Livable Incomes, Education/Training, Civil Rights, and Racial Equity.

Report Date: Fall Semester 2023 (September to December 2023)

Supervisor: Francis Kalombo Ngoy, Interim Campaign Director for Bring America Home Now Campaign

Internship Position Summary: The Innovative Intern will have the ability to work remotely. This individual will work to further the goals of the Bring America Home Now Campaign. The intern will assist with outreach efforts to potential and current partners of the campaign. The intern will assist hosting events around the Bring America Home campaign in order to push policy changes to benefit those without housing. The innovative intern will occasionally work with the communications team to promote awareness around the campaign. The Innovative intern will help to coordinate all staff involvement in public events hosted by the campaign. They will assist in working to find additional avenues for promoting the work of the campaign and will work to put together a youth support network for the campaign. The intern will work with the administrator to document the success of the engagements with follow up tools and resources. Ultimately, they will exemplify interest and passion to help cease all homelessness in America through their work. Bring America Homes Now Campaign seeks an individual that not only has a great work ethic but a personality to match.

Specific Position Activities:

  • This individual will participate in and attend all assigned campaign meetings.
  • Manage the policy tracker and keep the team up to date on all legislation movements pertaining to hunger and housing.
  • Assist the national Deputy Campaign Director and the Administrator in outreach, communication, and recruitment efforts to attract new partners to the campaign.
  • Provide insightful input that can be implemented to help the campaign reach its goal of 7,000 partners especially among college and high school students.
  • Assist the Administrator in updating the Bring America Home Facebook and Website.
  • Execute any and all other task assigned by the national Deputy Campaign Director

Required Skills:

  • Superior research skills
  • Working in a diverse and inclusive environment
  • Ability to work remotely and without daily supervision
  • Ability to create policy memos and read through debriefs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Preferred Experiences:

  • Direct service with homeless/low income populations
  • Recruitment of agencies and organizations to participate.
  • Experience in writing high-level research papers
  • Experience in digital and social media writing.

Application Process: All Responses should be submitted by

  • Email to
  • Email Subject should state “Bring America Home Now: Innovative Intern Application.
  • Provide a cover letter and a resume or background information. No more than four total pages.
  • Please include the University/College you are currently enrolled in.
  • Optional: Disclose whether you will be receiving course credit for this internship

Bring America Home Now Campaign Francis Kalombo Ngoy Ph. (516) 417-7972

Email: Website:

This is a non-compensated internship unless your college/university is offering course credit.