BAHN and Junior State of America Partnership

The Bring America Home NOW campaign, spearheaded by the National Coalition for the Homelessn is excited to announce this forward thinking and youth inclusive partnership with Junior State of America (JSA) as they join to co- spearhead the Youths for Bring America Home NOW campaign. 

Junior State of America’s unwavering commitment to ensure active participation in democracy and learning through various activism  experiences perfectly aligns with NCH and BAHN’s unwavering dedication and commitment to ensuring that youth are on the decision making table not merely as participants; but as equal partners and contributors in our Housing movement and democracy. 

In alignment with JSA’s commitment to students “ setting the tone”, the National Coalition for the Homelessness and the Bring America Home NOW campaign believe that there is no group more powerful than organized and motivated youths standing up  for a cause that is greater than one individual and that requires all of us in unity and collaborative spirit. 

This partnership enables both the National Coalition for the Homeless through the Bring America Home NOW campaign and  Junior State of America to continue providing opportunities for students and youths to collaborate , volunteer, be activist, and “ gain valuable citizenship skills and experience by organizing events, participating in and moderating thought talks and debates, activism initiatives…, ” and running campaigns actions at local,  region, state, and national levels while elevating women’s leadership. 

Junior State of America’s compelling curriculum centered on civic responsibility, media literacy, and women’s leadership, combined with the national platform provided by the Bring America Home NOW campaign is critical to ensure intergenerational working and leadership. 

As I often say, there is no real social or policy change without organized public pressure; especially young people who are the strongest force for any  social justice and structural change movement. 

Francis Kalombo Ngoy

National Director- Bring America Home NOW Campaign 

National Coalition for the Homeless 

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