Membership, what does it truly mean? What does it look like?

Being a member of something is like being a brick in a stone wall – a firm, solid, and supportive piece to the overall structure and integrity. At the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), we believe in the strength of unity. We understand the intimate and severely damaging effects homelessness can have on individuals and families struggling to provide basic needs for themselves, all while being marginalized, criticized, and discriminated against.

The lingering aftermath of the global pandemic continues to cast its shadow, with its relentless onslaught having unleashed a surge of homelessness that swept across our communities, stretching the limits of our resources to their breaking point. This strain has left our communities grappling with unprecedented challenges in addressing the escalating needs of the homeless. Every day, individuals experiencing homelessness confront a multitude of battles, where survival is both a blessing for having endured the day and a punishment as they anticipate the trials of the next.

Who is advocating on their behalf? You can! Join us in this fight to protect the lives of those society has cast aside and help us raise awareness of this ongoing issue. We can no longer ignore the cry for help pouring out of every corner of the Nation. It is our duty to protect the unprotected; house the unhoused, and remember those forgotten. We believe housing is a human right. No one should be forced to live outdoors and have to brave the harsh weather conditions, with no more than a blanket, a tent, or a brick wall to protect them. It is imperative that we, as people of the people, hold our elected officials accountable, and knowledgeable of the growing need for resources in their governing areas. We at NCH are dedicated to this mission and invite you to join us in supporting this vital cause.

We greatly value the voice that each of our members brings and all that they contribute. Our Membership allows everyone the opportunity to let their voice truly be heard on what needs to be done to really make effective and long-lasting change. Advocacy is never one person’s job alone. In order to make a mission a movement, there must be a strong wave of individuals and organizations pushing toward the same goal. We strongly believe that with your continued support, we can work together to make America a better country for all its inhabitants.


Written by: NCH Membership Coordinator, Tyler Richardson; Edited by Kenia Mazariegos


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Gina Quiroz
3 months ago

I am honored to be a member of the NCH. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and the support given by everyone.

Membership Coordinator
3 months ago
Reply to  Gina Quiroz

Thank you Gina! We are honored to have you & have the opportunity to learn from you as well. You are an inspiration & a shining example of a true advocate! Thank you for all that you do, & thank you always for your continued support.