Film Review – 3:13 by David Jaure

David Jaure’s film, 3:13, tells the story of a man falling on hard times. Together, we experience the emotionally taxing moments of losing work, facing familial tension, and many other struggles that those who find themselves homeless confront. There is no one face of homelessness, but the character in this film feels familiar and his story resonates. Despite the many different ways one can fall into homelessness, there are several common experiences that the majority of people living in a state of homelessness may likely share. They are discriminated against by individuals, businesses, and law enforcement. They are stereotyped and treated poorly by people who are blinded by their prejudices. They are victimized because of the vulnerable position that they are in. This film walks us through a day in the life of one man who has lost everything to show us the unjust nature of homelessness and how it is perceived by many in this country.

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