Bring America Home NOW: A People’s  Campaign Positioned To Prevent And End Homelessness  

What is Bring America Home NOW (BAHN)? Spearheaded by the National Coalition for the Homeless, Bring America Home NOW (BAHN)  is a Comprehensive Grassroots Campaign to End Homelessness in the United States. Led by people who have lived experiences with homelessness, BAHN focuses on the passage of federal legislation aimed at addressing the interconnected solutions to the decades-long epidemic of homelessness in the U.S.

What Is The Focus? BAHN has 6 major policy pillars that focus our movement’s fight to end homelessness. Each of these pillars have short term and long term policy focuses. As our movement progresses, BAHN will be updating and adding to our political focus areas as we push legislation on a national and local level.


Housing is a basic human right that should be available to all Americans. 

Health and homelessness are inextricably linked: a safe, stable home is the prerequisite of health and well-being.  Adequate income is essential to maintain housing. To end homelessness, we must ensure livable wages and basic income for all Americans and link income to the local cost of housing.  

Livable Income

Adequate income is essential to maintain housing. To end homelessness, we must ensure livable wages and basic income for all Americans and link income to the local cost of housing.  


Education and training play a critical role for many children, youth, and adults towards equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for economic stability.

Civil Rights

Homelessness is a civil rights issue. People experiencing homelessness are too often victims of hate crimes. Homelessness disproportionately impacts people of color and LGBTQ people, who face more discrimination and barriers to jobs and housing than their counterparts. 

Racial Equity 

Homelessness is inextricably linked to systemic racism. Racial equity must be prioritized in our work to end and prevent homelessness.  

Our national partners are advocates from all around the country, sharing insight on state and citywide struggles that heavily influence our national political pillar focuses.  As a movement, we incorporate local struggles into the national discussion as a comprehensive grassroots movement to end homelessness.

Call To Collaborative Action:

We are reaching out to the public and partners to join us in our campaign to end homelessness through a comprehensive, multifaceted push for increased public awareness and successful legislation. We especially seek involvement from organizations led by people who have themselves experienced homelessness.   Sign On: 

What Is the BAHN Campaign Doing To Advance The Mission and Vision of Ending Homelessness?


In addition to our six policy focus, the Bring America Home NOW Campaign is advancing its campaign goals by employing direct action and public mobilization strategies that are deep rooted in the civil rights movement. Civil disobedience (peaceful) and impactful. 


Bring America Home NOW:  2024-2025 Campaign Direct Actions Needing Your Involvement

Johnson V. Grants Pass (Supreme Court Of The United States Case) 

What?:  SCOTUS Case- Push the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold the right 

When?: Apr 22, 2024

Where?: Nationwide (with focus in DC at the Supreme Court)

Why?:  To push the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold the rights of people forced to live outdoors. “Communities are safer and stronger when everyone is housed.” Crimiali

Partners: National Homelessness Law Center and More 

Links: .

Take Off The Boards Campaign 

What?: Take Off The Boards 

When?: May 1, 2024(Michael Stoops Day of Action) tentatively 

Where?: Nationwide- At least 50 communities across the nation in blue and red states hold local actions. 

Why?: Get people housed by identifying and using existing vacant buildings. 

Partners: Homeless Union, Homeless Army/PPEHRC

Links: Take Over: The DocumentaryIn-Depth Action Planning Document

National Sleep-Out Campaign 

What?: National Sleep-Out

When?: Week of July 28, 2024

Where?: Nationwide- At least 50 communities across the nation in blue and red states will hold local actions (Mayor office, city hall, state parks…) 

Why?: Independence from unsheltered homelessness. We must  use all McKinney-Vento Funds for people experiencing homelessness now. Move PSH renewals to mainstream Section 8/voucher programs

Partners: BAHN Partners and NCH Members 


National Homeless Army March On Conventions 

What?: March On RNC and DNC Conventions 

When?: RNC Rally July 15, 2024 and DNC Rally August 19, 2024

Where?: Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL

Why?: Rallies at Democratic and Republican National Conventions, March between Milwaukee and Chicago to put a spotlight on homelessness crisis in America. 

Partners: Poor People’s Army 


Election Prep-Scorecard & Get Out The Vote 

What?: Ongoing actions related to 2024 Election

When?: September 2024, Week of September 23, 2024, November 5, 2024

Where?: Nationwide 

Why?: Ensure true representation of the community of people who are marginalized by poverty, race, or homelessness. Publish a scorecard on elected officials actions around ending homelessness. Hold registration events, assist  voters in casting their votes on or before election day. 

Partners: BAHN Partners and NCH Members


National Homelessness Leadership Conference

What?: Leadership Conference 

When?: November 2024, Week between elections and Hunger & Homelessness Memorial Week

Where?: Northern CA, likely San Jose area

Why?: Opportunity to hear from people with lived experience and those experiencing homelessness.Bringing the movement together. We held a conference in DC and now we want to hold an event that will be more accessible to advocates nearer to the West coast.

Partners: Destination Home

Links:Destination Home’s Website

National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 

What?: Fundraising Gatherings

When?: November 16-24, 2024

Where?: Nationwide

Why?: Inform community members,advocates and providers about BAHN and that BAHN provides a framework to prevent and end homelessness. 

Partners: BAHN Partners and NCH Members

Links:Hunger & Homelessness Week Website

National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 

What?: Annual Memorial event

When?: December 21, 2024

Where?: Nationwide (Virtually) 

Why?: To remember people who lost their lives because of homelessness and to put the spotlight on the urgent need to address the broken system that leads to homelessness and death. 

Partners: National Healthcare for the Homeless Council 

Links:NCH Memorial Day Webpage 2020 Video of Names

National March In DC

What?: Mass Demonstration to Bring America Home NOW 

When?: May 2025

Where?: Washington, DC 

Why?: Create impact within the first 100 days of the new administration and Congress by demanding an end to Homelessness. Ensure equity in housing resources for people with limited incomes as homeowners. 

Partners: Homeless Union, Poor People’s Army, BAHN Partners and NCH Members 


Join us in the transformative movement of Bring America Home NOW!

This grassroots campaign is fueled by the belief that together, we can enact real change. By becoming a partner in this vital endeavor, you’ll be joining forces with a community dedicated to making a meaningful difference. Sign up today and stand with us in our mission to Bring America Home NOW. Together, we possess the power to create a brighter future for all. Sign On: 

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