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Faces of Homelessness Speakers' Bureau

The Presentations

The "Faces of Homelessness" Panel standard presentation format includes: a multi-media slide show or video with music about homelessness in America, a moderator to present the facts about homelessness, and up to three panelists who are or have been homeless. Afterwards, the panelists will offer ways for people to get involved, from volunteering at shelters to influencing legislation. Finally, the moderator will conduct a question and answer session. Each presentation can last anywhere from an hour to two hours. While we do follow a standard format, we are very flexible to fit the needs of the group.

The panel has a very powerful impact on all participants. It allows people to personalize homelessness, dispel stereotypes, and inspire hope by presenting the first-hand experiences of the panelists, and allowing the general public to interact with these "experts" through question and answer periods, and one-to-one discussions after the presentations. It also works to inspire student and community involvement and activism through volunteerism and grassroots advocacy. The panelists and moderator will discuss the importance and impact of volunteer efforts, and act as a resource for people interested in getting involved. Finally, it serves as an empowerment tool for those people who are or have been homeless to realize their potential to have an impact and inspire others through their personal stories and advocacy. By linking the individual lives and stories with broader systemic and structural factors, we are then able to more clearly see the need for change.

We need your help because we want to reach as many people as possible. If you are interested in setting up a presentation, here’s how you can do it:

1. We have traveled throughout the country giving presentations are very experienced with it. So, we are very willing to come to your school, church, synagogue, conference, or community event to give this unique and powerful presentation. This will be the easiest in terms of effectiveness of presentation, time, and effort involved for whoever is organizing it. We request $40 honorariums for each of the speakers, as well a program fee of 50% of the total honoria. Also, if we will be staying overnight, we ask that lodging be covered as well. We will recruit local speakers and highlight the needs and situation of your specific area.

2. If your group is coming to Washington, DC, it is very easy to set up a presentation about homelessness. We work closely with many groups that bring students to DC for service trips, leadership seminars, and educational projects. Look beyond the monuments and learn a little more about a different part of our nation’s capital. Let us know how we can help fit into your program.

3. Honorariums-local gigs (DC, VA, MD) are $40 requested honorarium, out of state requested honorarium of $100, but you can provide a higher honorarium for our speakers.

4. If you would rather try to set up a panel yourself, we can also help you do that. You can be very flexible in how you structure the presentation. It could be something just as simple as showing the "Faces of Homelessness" slide show, which is now on video. But, we would hope that you would want to include people who have experienced homelessness in your presentation. Read more...

Read some of the comments that people have had about the "Faces of Homelessness" panels over the last few years.

Please let us know how we can help you educate and empower others. Please contact the Speakers' Bureau Coordinator at 202.462.4822 or speakersbureau@nationalhomeless.org with any questions, comments, or requests for information.

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