Director of Community Organizing

Opening posted January 19, 2024

Job Title: Director of Community Organizing
Reports to: Executive Director
Hours: Full Time 40 hrs. per week, Flex schedule some evenings or weekends required
To apply: Send a resume or background information containing your complete work history and a cover letter referencing this position by e-mail to careers @

Position Description: 
We seek a seasoned leader and organizer with solid references interested in growing the credible powerhouse for organizing, member engagement, and mobilization. The ideal candidate should have at least membership and organizing experience. The Director of Community Organizing will focus on the following areas:

  • Outreach to national and field allies to develop new organizing models for achieving local victories
  • Outreach to targeted cities to build regional coalitions that support local and national organizing efforts for NCH’s anti-criminalization and the Civil Rights Initiatives.
  • Promote and Encourage Grassroots Organizing led by people with lived experience and expertise.
  • Build support for NCH policy and national positions among local Coalitions.
  • Schedule meetings with administration officials in Justice, HHS, HUD, the Interagency Council, and FEMA to push the Civil Rights agenda
  • Represent NCH with other national groups on civil rights, voting, and protections against hate crime issues.


  • A demonstrated commitment to social justice, robust analysis of systemic oppression based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and an understanding of challenges facing people experiencing homelessness, immigrant communities, communities of color, and low-and moderate-income families.
  • Excellent organizational skills and good attention to detail. A high level of self-motivation and a proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations.
  • Dedication and ability to work flexible hours.
  • Capacity to engage and inspire a variety of audiences.
  • Willingness to travel within the United States.

Compensation: This position pays $65,000 per year and is a full time position with a robust benefit package that includes 2+ weeks a year of vacation and holidays, sick leave, 403b retirement plan, an employee assistance plan, and Health, Vision, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance.

About NCH:  The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) is a national advocacy network of people who have experienced homelessness, activists, service providers and others. We envision a world where everyone has a safe, decent, accessible and affordable home. Our mission is to end and prevent homelessness while ensuring the immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness are met and their civil rights are respected and protected.

NCH affirms the following Guiding Principles/Values:  

  1. We can end and prevent homelessness.
  2. People who are currently experiencing or have experienced homelessness must be leaders in all the work of NCH and in the movement to end homelessness.
  3. NCH believes in the dignity of all people:  housing, healthy food, quality health care, education and livable incomes as basic human rights. 
  4. It is morally, ethically, and legally wrong to discriminate against and criminalize people struggling to meet their basic needs. 
  5. Public policy makers and elected officials at all levels must be held accountable to end the systemic and structural causes of homelessness. 
  6. Structural racism and discrimination are root causes of homelessness and violate human dignity.
  7. Collaboration between NCH and its diverse stakeholders is critical in directing NCH’s work.