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National Coalition for the Homeless Opens First Field Office in Cleveland, OH

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The National Coalition for the Homeless has opened its first field office in our 40 year history in Cleveland Ohio. To celebrate this we are hosting a forum at our new offices in Cleveland entitled “Racial Equity Issues within the Homeless Sector and Possible Solutions”.  The forum is being conducted by our Executive Director, Donald Whitehead and will focus on racial equity issues in the homeless sector and policies that result in segregated housing in the United States. We are also working on partnering with local social service providers who have a history of working on overcoming discriminatory practices.  The racial equity forum is slated for November 23 at 1 p.m. and is scheduled to last until 4 p.m. at 1400 East 105th Street at the CleWorx space down the street from the VA in University Circle.  Media are invited at 12:30 p.m. to talk to Donald Whitehead about the opening of the field office.  

NCH has selected Cleveland as our first field site because of its status among the top 5 poorest cities in America for the past 20 years, but also some of the innovative approaches to homelessness locally. The local Coalition, NEOCH, has done a tremendous job responding to the pandemic and bolstered its outreach efforts reducing the numbers sleeping outside. Cleveland advocates have used the legal system to win some historic victories with national implications in the area of voting, panhandling and preventing sweeps. NCH hired the former director of the local homeless coalition, Brian Davis, to staff the field office in 2021. NCH will focus on grassroots organizing and civil rights protections while constructing an office to build relationships with other homeless led groups in the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and western Pennsylvania.  

Donald has previous experience with homelessness and was the director of Cincinnati Homeless Coalition as well as running permanent supportive housing shelters and outreach programs in Baltimore Maryland, Alexandria Virginia, Washington DC, Orlando Florida and Prince George’s County Maryland.  He is a national expert on racial inequity with regard to housing and homelessness.  He sits on a number of advisory boards at the Department of Housing and Urban Development over re-segregation issues and violations of the Fair Housing Act. He introduced the Bring America Home Now campaign earlier this year to promote public policy that actually ends homelessness in America quickly by proposing legislation in the areas of housing, civil rights, healthcare, education, income justice, and racial equity.  

NCH is inviting the local social service community as well as those currently experiencing homelessness to join the forum.

National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2021

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November 13 to November 21 is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

The National Coalition for the Homeless has a series of  events that you can participate in to better understand  homelessness in America.  

  1. Sign up to hear a presentation by one of  our trained formerly homeless speakers  either virtually or in the DC area with a vaccinated speaker. Sign up here
  2. NCH will release a series of videos on  our YouTube page beginning on Nov 15 as  part of H & H Week at 9 a.m. in the areas of  housing, income, racial equity, health care,  education, and civil rights. Each video will  be around a half hour and can be used to  guide a class discussion. They will be on  our YouTube channel.  
  3. Your group can collect items and put them in backpacks for a local Coalition to distribute to those without housing. NCH can provide you a good list of essential items needed and will connect you with a local partner to make the exchange in November or December. Contact Brian Davis @

With the Labor Market Suffering, is it Time for Americans to Unionize?

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By Kelvin Lassister, Income Policy Analyst

With 4.3 million workers electing to leave the workforce in August 2021, employees have taken advantage of the shortage of workers to leverage better pay and benefits. Others have taken advantage of unsafe work conditions to go on strike. The bottom line: the need to form unions is increasing, and becoming more important. 

Billion-dollar corporations like Amazon, and McDonald’s who can afford to pay a livable wage, refuse to listen to their workers. With a failed attempt to unionize their warehouse in Bessemer, AL, Amazon workers at the Staten Island, NY location filed a petition to unionize. Unsafe working conditions, better pay, and paid time off are the reasons for the actions taken against the world’s largest online retailer. 

There are several other companies that low wage workers should consider forming a union as well: Dollar General, and Family Dollar. Both cite not enough staff, and low pay not equivalent to the long work hours. Companies pay potential hires low wages based on their urgency to find employment. People deserve decent wages that allow them to pay for basic living expenses for their families!

According the National Relations Labor Board, companies can select a union with several different methods: 30% of workers must sign a petition, or sign cards, and a majority that vote for a union, the National Relations Labor Board will certify the union as a representative for collective bargaining. 

The American worker now has the chance to capitalize on an opportunity that may not come around again for quite some time. In the days, and times of wage increases for the wealthy, employees must get their fair share, and that begins with Unions and employment stability. 

Living Wage Week 2021

This week (November 15th-21st) is International Living Wage Week! Events are being held worldwide, and United for a Fair Economy is excited to partner with the National Living Wage Network and Living Wage for US to bring this to the United States.

Throughout living wage week, we want to encourage our community to join us in celebrating by lifting up living wages and taking action. We invite you to get involved in a few ways:

  • Sign the pledge to support living wage businesses this week.
  • Shout out your favorite living wage certified businesses on social media with the hashtag #livingwageweek2021
  • See what a living wage is in your community with MIT’s Living Wage Calculator


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