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Outreach and Public Education Coordinator

This is a full time position with a full benefit package including a retirement plan, as well as health, vision, dental, life and disability insurance.

To apply: Send a resume or background information containing your complete work history and a cover letter referencing this position by e-mail to bdavis @

Position description: This Coordinator position has a broad scope to construct a field office in the District of Columbia, and overseeing a number of projects. The Coordinator will meet with local groups and work together to host a number of events to move an advocacy agenda forward. NCH has trained 40 individuals who have experienced homelessness to speak before groups and have scheduled speaking engagements to teach groups about the reality of being without a home in the US. The goal is to get those who have experienced homelessness involved in national politics to work toward an end to homelessness. NCH has two field sites established in Cleveland, OH and Los Angeles, CA. We need an individual in DC to interact with the groups organizing locally to implement the anti-discrimination laws and oppose sweeps within the district. We also need to construct a local advisory group to provide input on national policy issues. NCH needs someone on the ground to interact with local agencies and work to mobilizing groups on the east coast of the US.

This individual will oversee the projects above out of the NCH offices in the District of Columbia. This staff person will train and oversee all speakers involved in the program as well as recruiting new speakers. They will help with implementing effective administrative oversight of these three projects and the gathering of statistics to grow these projects. The Coordinator will implement a canvassing project to get those with previous experience about homelessness to educate the public about the NCH campaign to Bring America Home Now. This individual will attend staff meetings and assist with the technical assistance grants to get those with previous homeless experience involved in training and educational opportunities. The Education and Outreach Coordinator may assist other staff with fundraising and developing materials for the speakers to use in their presentations. This position will oversee the Public Education Assistant who does much of the work with the speakers as well as the individuals going out to do the canvassing.
The successful candidate will help to advance the policy and advocacy positions of the Coalition within the DC community and will regularly meet with local advocates.

The ideal candidate should have at least 1 to 2 years of fundraising and supervising skills and three years experience with community organizing. Volunteer management skills are necessary for the successful candidate for this job. · A demonstrated commitment to social justice, and a robust analysis of systemic oppression based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and an understanding of challenges facing people experiencing homelessness, immigrant communities, communities of color, and low-and moderate-income families.

  • Excellent organizational skills and good attention to detail.
  • Previous experience with unstable housing a plus
  • A high level of self-motivation and a proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • Excellent communication skills are necessary for this position.
  • Ability to work well with diverse groups and populations.
  • Oversight of a largely volunteer workforce is a plus for the job.
  • Dedication and ability to work flexible hours.
  • Capacity to engage and inspire a variety of audiences
  • Previous experience with training individuals or partnering with people living in poverty.
  • Must be able to work in the metropolitan DC area and attend meetings in the region.

Current Pandemic Protocols/Future of the Program: Going forward the presentations and meetings will be a combination of Zoom and in-person speaking engagements. You must be fully vaccinated to take this position because of the need to interact with the public and schools. The individual will need to come to the NCH offices at least twice a week and maybe spend more time in the office in the fall 2022, but the other time they have the option of working remotely so the successful candidate must have reliable internet service at their home.

Required Skills/Background: Must have at least 3 years previous experience working with homeless people and have community organizing skills. Must have strong writing and speaking skills. Must have a passion and commitment to ending homelessness in the US. Must have a good working knowledge of working on the computer including word processing and data management. We value experience in community organizing and grassroots fundraising techniques. We also value experience with the street newspaper movement.

Recommended Skills: NCH values people with previous experience of homelessness and considers that an asset for every position. Strong organizational skills and attention to details are recommended. Experience in educating others or in training individuals is valuable for this position. A professional and resourceful individual would be important qualifications for this position.

Compensation: This position pays $50,000 per year and is a full time position with a robust benefit package that includes 2+ weeks a year of vacation and holidays, sick leave, 403b retirement plan, an employee assistance plan, and Health, Vision, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance.

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