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Date of Issue:   April 11, 2008                 

For more information, contact:
Megan Hustings, Development Director
Ph.  202-462-4822 x16
Email: mhustings@nationalhomeless.org

National Coalition for the Homeless Targets the ‘Real Bums’ with New T-Shirt

The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) released today its latest t-shirt which demands: “Kick the Real Bums Out!!” The slogan – a brainchild of NCH’s student interns – labels as ‘bums’ members of Congress who constantly ignore or vote against programs to help people get out of homelessness and poverty. The t-shirt, which features a cartoon representation of the statement by award-winning cartoonist Scott Nychay (whose father, William, died on the streets homeless), is available for sale here.

The cartoon features a drawing of the Capitol Building with a homeless man tossing an elephant and a donkey off the building’s balcony. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will benefit two of NCH’s ongoing outreach programs: non-partisan voter registration/education/get-out-the vote efforts, which take place nationwide, and the Candidate Homeless Challenge Project, which encourages candidates/public officials at all levels of government to give up their everyday privileges for a day or more and experience what life is like homeless.

Historically, NCH has been involved with political processes from a non-partisan standpoint and aims to continue that stance. This t-shirt is not meant to target solely the Democratic and Republican parties, as representatives from all parties have been ignorant about or opposed to initiatives aimed at assisting those who are struggling through homelessness or poverty. NCH hopes that the statement this t-shirt makes will help to encourage people to contact their local representatives of Congress, urging them to pass legislation such as the ‘Bringing America Home Act’, which will help people get off the streets and provide safe, decent, affordable housing for the millions each year who find themselves homeless.

To order the t-shirt, please click here.

To see Scott's other work, please visit his site here.

National Coalition for the Homeless
2201 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20037-1033

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