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To order any of the publications listed below, please either purchase though paypal cart, or print and fill out the form, then send it and a check payable to The National Coalition for the Homeless to:

The National Coalition for the Homeless
2201 P St NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202.462.4822 x229
Fax: 202.462.4823 attn: Megan

The National Coalition for the Homeless Publications List
Revised October 2008

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New NCH posters are now available! Click to download each in pdf format, and please contact us (mhustings@nationalhomeless.org) to order printed posters.

free, but please send 5 for shipping in a poster tube

After two days with the homeless people on the streets of Boston in November 2006, Bob Ballard made a music video entitled "Not Like Him". He created the Hearts Of Fire Project from the inspiration and love he felt during those two very special days with the homeless people in this video. Click here to read his story and watch the video.


"Homeless Isn't Helpless: A Remarkable Journey of Hope and Humour", by William Laney
Click here for details of this exciting new book.


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NEW NCH t-shirt

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Available sizes:

2008-2009 Voting Rights Manual ___ @ $10.00______
S&H@$ 2.75______
"Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A Report on Hate Crimes And Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness, 2007." Published April 2008. A main objective of this annual report on hate crimes is to educate lawmakers, advocates, and the general public about the problem of hate crimes and violence against people who are homeless in order to instigate change and ensure protection of civil rights for everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances or housing status. Prepared by the National Homeless Civil Rights Organizing Project, a project of NCH.
___ @ $10.00______
S&H@$ 2.75______
Homeless Persons' Memorial Day Poster. Full Color, 11 x 17

1-10 copies--$2 each
11-50 copies--$1.50 each
51 or more copies--$1.25 each
National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day Organizing Manual: June 08. Organizing Manual for National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day, December 21, 2008. A Manual for planning local events to memorialize those who have died while homeless. $10.00+$1.50 S&H.
___ @ $10.00______
S&H@$ 2.75______
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: Published Jan 08. Organizing Manual for Awareness Week, Nov. 16-22, 2008. $10.00+$1.50 S&H.
___ @ $10.00______
S&H@$ 2.75______
Give US Your Poor: 17 New Recordings to Help End Homelessness: Appleseed Recordings is a record label whose mission is to advance social justice through music.  It has partnered with UMass Boston’s Give US Your Poor public education campaign to help end homelessness. The celebrities that contributed to this CD include Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Natalie Merchant, Bonnie Raitt, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Keb’ Mo’, Jewel, Pete Seeger, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Michelle Shocked, Madeleine Peyroux, Buffalo Tom, John Sebastian, and Sonya Kitchell. The Cd features 17 new recordings plus 2 previously released tracks. Besides many new songs, there is a short audio documentary featuring interviews with homeless people. $12.00+$5.00 S&H.
___ @ $12.00______
S&H@$ 5.00______

One Homeless Man's Inspirational Journey

"The book reads like a novel . . . But it has the ring of truth, and an uplifting message that endures on its intrinsic merits."
The New York Times

One day, Richard LeMieux had a happy marriage, a palatial home, and took $40,000 Greek vacations. The next, he was living out of a van with only his dog, Willow, for company. This astonishingly frank memoir tells the story of one man's resilience in the face of economic disaster. Penniless, a failed suicide, estranged from his family, and living "the vehicular lifestyle" in Washington state, LeMieux chronicles his journey from the Salvation Army kitchens to his days with "C" a philosopher in a homeless man's clothing to his runins with Pastor Bob and other characters he meets on the streets. Along the way, he finds time to haunt public libraries and discover his desire to write.

LeMieux's quiet determination and his almost pious willingness to live with his situation are only a part of this politically and socially charged memoir. The real story of an all-too-common American condition, this is a heartfelt and stirring read.



Easy Street is a feature-length film that documents one year in the lives of homeless people in St. Petersburg, Florida. The viewer sees and hears first hand, how people scratch out an existence on the streets of America’s urban centers. We learn how they got there and what keeps them there.
This is a must see film for sociology and psychology students, advocates and service agency personnel, churches whose parishioners want to help, and anyone who feels compelled to learn more about an underclass of American society whose ranks continue to grow every year.



For more information, please contact:


Soul of a Woman
This tale, told through the eyes of a child, traces the journey of an American woman, dispossessed and struggling for survival through decades of poverty and homelessness. Her shining emergence from the depths of destitution, a stubborn social ill still fertile in the world's richest country, is a lesson in resiliency and hope for all those seeking freedom from the prison of poverty.

A large portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit NCH and may be purchased for $24.99 + 3.99 S&H at:

  A new report on homeless deaths, "Dying Without Dignity."  
  A Kid’s Guide to Hunger and Homelessness by Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A. is a great resource for anyone working with children 6 years old and older. This activity filled guide breaks down stereotypes while showing kids what issues face those living in poverty. Stories ranging from the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita on the Gulf coast to issues in Tajikistan give examples of what kids are doing to be active in helping end hunger and homelessness in the world. This is a great resource from one of the leaders in service-learning published by Free Spirit Publishing. You can check the book out here.  
  A Dream Denied: The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities. A Report by The National Coalition for the Homeless and The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, January 2006. ___ @ $10.00______
S&H@$ 2.75______
Faces of Homelessness II: This 10 minute video (DVD) features interviews with homeless/formerly homeless members of NCH's Faces of Homelessness
Speakers' Bureau. They share their personal experiences of being homeless in America. $15 plus $5 S & H

___ @ $15.00______
S&H@$ 5.00______
Faces of Homelessness I: The National Coalition for the Homeless' highly regarded multimedia slide show featuring images of America's homeless people is now available on VHS or DVD. This 13-minute video (VHS or DVD) is a great resource to begin a group discussion about homelessness in America. $15.00 + $5.00 S&H.
___ @ $15.00______
S&H@$ 5.00______

'The Bones of the Homeless' by Judy Jones includes poems and photographs of homeless people, and is dedicated to opening hearts and minds to the rapidly growing number of people dying on streets all over our earth. Terry Messman, editor of The Street Spirit newspaper in Berkeley said of Judy's poems; 'They speak directly to the souls of the readers and appeal to our hearts for a rebirth of compassion, justice, and love towards the poorest of our brothers and sisters.' 

A certain portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit NCH and may be purchased for $15.98 + 5.00 S&H at:


Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness

Click here for more information.
Directory of National, State & Local Homeless & Housing Advocacy Organizations: Directory, 2008; Lists contact information for over 250 organizations. $10.00+$1.50 S&H.
___ @ $10.00______
S&H@ $ 2.75______

Art Prints. These powerful prints, images of paintings by Tammy Grubbs, illustrate portraits of poverty and homelessness. Please click on the image of each print to view it larger. $25 each, plus a flat fee of $5 for shipping and handling (for up to 10 prints; additional $5 for each additional 10 prints).

Land of Plenty
- 16" X 20" Print

Outside the Window
- 18" X 24" Print

- 18" X 24" Print

The Traveler
- 16" X 20" Print
___ @ $25.00______
S&H@$ 5.00 (flat fee for 1-10 posters) ______
  No Place to Stay, Handbook for Homeless Outreach, 1996, 168pp. A practical training manual for
outreach and case management of homeless with skill building exercises based on work done at St. Mary's Center in Oakland with homeless seniors. Development of successful program described.

Individual books $7 S & H $2.50. Quality rates available. Contact: meafuhr@hotmail.com
  A Quest for Answers: A Personal Journey by Victor M. Vélez. This book takes you by the hand on a journey into the world of homelessness. The author’s voice and the homeless voice draw a profile of the daily struggles of being or experiencing homelessness. The journey takes you from the external pressures of living on the streets to the invisible internal thoughts that wander in silence seeking answers to the most basic of human needs: food and shelter. To seek, to discover the "humanity," to bring it forth through observations and interviews with actual homeless people was the author’s purpose. This purpose has been packaged in a collection of original poems and photographs. "A Quest for Answers: A Personal Journey," is that collection. To purchase a copy of,
A Quest for Answers:
A Personal Journey

Go to:

Type Title:
"A Quest for Answers"
"A Quest for Answers"
The Civil Disobedience Handbook: A Brief History and Practical Advice for the Politically Disenchanted edited by James Tracy, 96 pages, ISBN 0-916397-76-9. Non-violent civil disobedience is an American tradition, an essential element of a working democracy. From the Bill of Rights to contemporary direct action tactics utilized by the Ruckus Society, this handbook outlines a brief history of social protest. Helpful resources and handy information are included, as well as tips on everything from getting arrested to manipulating the media. To order this publication, please go to the Manic D Press website. $10 plus S&H.
To order this publication, please go to the Manic D Press website. $10 plus S&H.
  Under the Bridge: Stories and Poems by Manchester's Homeless. This book, published collaboratively by The Way Home and Notre Dame College, includes first-person narratives, poetry, and artwork by people who are/were homeless in Manchester. Proceeds go to The Way Home ffor their efforts to help people experiencing homelessness. To order this publication, please email Ray Gamache at gamalit@aol.com or call The Way Home at 603-627-3491. $10 plus S&H.
To order this publication, please email Ray Gamache at gamalit@aol.com or call The Way Home at 603-627-3491. $10 plus S&H.
**CP98 The Camp: 182 pp. Soft cover publication, '98; Written as a series of short chapters, author Jim Lewallen chronicles the events of one year when he chanced upon a group of homeless men living in a tract of woods. A lesson in hopefulness for homeless and housed people everywhere. $12.00+$4.00 S&H**.
___ @ $12.00_____
S&H@$ 4.00______
NOP98 No Open Door: Breaking the Lock on Addiction Recovery for Homeless People: Report, Dec 98. Reissues the call for serious action regarding addictive disorder treatment services and recovery supports for homeless persons. $10.00+1.50 S&H.
___ @ $10.00______
S&H@ $ 1.50______
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Make checks payable to the National Coalition for the Homeless. NCH accepts Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX.
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National Coalition for the Homeless
2201 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20037-1033

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