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Homeless People’s Action Network

  • Homeless People’s Action Networks is a budding initiative of the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) to organize people experiencing homelessness nationwide through a single action network

    • HPAN is comprised of a network of advocacy groups from different states and cities across the US
    • These advocacy groups are formed and facilitated by currently or formerly homeless people to provide the most authentic, relevant, direct voices for their concerns
    • NCH is working to connect these groups in an organized network, HPAN, and so that it will continue to run independently
  • Upon examining advocacy groups that already existed, there was a need and desire from the homeless community to have a voice for their concerns and needs

    • In order to give the most accurate, relevant, direct, authentic 1st person point of view on homelessness issues.
    • In order to create and provide a community in which homeless people can be active members in improving their lives and raising general awareness about pertinent issues.
    • In order to collaborate with active or already existing advocacy groups and form stronger partnerships and a stronger national identity for homeless people with more collaboration and less duplication.
    • To ensure that policies and programs being created to combat homelessness nationally have been informed by people who were directly impacted by homelessness.
  • Members of the Homeless People’s Action Network work in tandem with the National Coalition for the Homeless on crucial issues. They provide input to Federal and State legislators, and public and private officials through techniques such as letter writing campaigns, email, fax and telephone alerts. HPAN serves as the voice for change at the grassroots level as well as the voice to communities educating them on policies, programs, and legislation that affect people who are experiencing homelessness.

    • Donating personal care items, food, or cash contributions to emergency shelters
    • Volunteering as a mentor, counselor, or legal aid to veterans in transitional or supportive permanent housing
    • Raising funds for faith-based organizations, civic or business groups, schools, and veterans service organizations

    Advocacy Issues

    • State Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights 
    • Hate Crimes Bill 
    • Medicaid expansion through Affordable Care Act to people experiencing homelessness 
    • Permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness
  • For more information about how to join the Homeless People’s Action Network, contact us at 202-462-4822.

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