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Reflections on Youth Homelessness

Last week, we attended a briefing called “Voices of Youth- Discussion on Homelessness.” This forum, held on Capital Hill, brought together 13 students from around the country who were formerly and/or currently homeless, who had received a scholarship to pursue … Continue reading

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The Controversial “Safety Net” (1981 to 2012)

Over the past several decades, the usage and connotation of the term ‘safety net’ has changed, but the need has only increased. The ‘safety net’ encompasses various programs, such as Medicaid for children and families, Medicare for the elderly, Food … Continue reading

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“Voluntary Hunger in Protest of Involuntary Hunger”

By: Brian Stone Today, it seems as though there is normalized acceptance of a segment of our population not having enough food or shelter. The proof is last week’s budget cuts which will push those without food, homes and medical … Continue reading

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Update on HEARTH and FY2011 Budget

From Ann Marie Oliva, Director, Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (via the CPD homeless listserv) In September of last year, HUD held two national conferences to begin the process of familiarizing communities … Continue reading

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Senator Robert Byrd, Homeless Advocate Too!

By Michael Stoops, NCH Director of Community Organizing The McKinney Act was the first major federal program to provide funds for people experiencing homeless and inspired bipartisan support from both the House and the Senate. The current McKinney-Vento Act remains … Continue reading

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