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Remembering Fearless Advocate John Joyce

If homelessness is a national problem with local solutions, then John Joyce was Rhode Island’s answer to the question “Who will fight the good fight against homelessness in our community?” Continue reading

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Our 100th Post!!!

It’s quite fitting that we’ve reached the big 1-0-0 during the beginning of a new year! In four years of blogging about current issues homeless communities face, we have covered stories from the everyday struggle of living without a stable home to … Continue reading

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Violence and Hatred Risky for Homeless

This week, NCH will release their annual report on biased incidences against the un-housed, “Hate Crimes against the Homeless: The Brutality of Violence Unveiled”. Take a look at an excerpt from Brian Levin, Director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, which details the crucial need for federal protections for the homeless. Continue reading

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Why Membership Matters to Jake

Jake Walters believes that Membership Matters, especially to young people. Read how youth can make a difference in ending hate crimes against the homeless by becoming a member at NCH: The Coalition’s You Don’t Need a Home to Vote campaign … Continue reading

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Why We Should Care About the Homeless Vote

by Jin Zhao Originally Printed in AlterNet Thursday, August 9, 2012 Only 10% of homeless Americans vote each year, but they can still make a difference in elections. Having a home is not a prerequisite to vote in the United … Continue reading

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