Homeless Advocates Set 2013 Policy Priorities

The executive directors and policy staff representing many of the nation’s leading homeless advocacy organizations met yesterday as the Homeless Advocates Group (HAG) to set policy priorities for 2013. Each member organization of HAG has set its own independent set of issues. The goal of this meeting was to reach consensus around a set of common policy priorities that collectively the group could both support and promote within and among each organization’s own allies.

The policy priorities chosen were:

     1)       National Housing Trust Fund

     2)       Criminalization of Homelessness

     3)       Affordable Care Act Rollout and Implementation

     4)       Preservation of Federal Funds Targeted to and for Those Experiencing Homelessness   

The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) lobbied hard for the Criminalization of Homelessness to be made a top priority and are very pleased with the progress made during this prioritization process. NCH was represented by Neil Donovan, executive director and John Harrison, NCH Speakers Bureau and the Washington DC based Homeless Peoples Advocacy Network (HPAN) group SHARC.

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2 Responses to Homeless Advocates Set 2013 Policy Priorities

  1. Sandy (Sandra) Alletto says:

    How can I become involved? I am an MSW intern at USC and seeking policy involvement or advocacy…am an OLDER student who was a former Detroit teacher now becoming an MSW in mental health and I work currently at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles

  2. Hi Sandy, Thanks for reading our blog and wanting to get involved! Advocacy is everything from educating your friends and family about the realities of homelessness to calling your legislators, there are so many ways to take part! First off, we’d encourage you to become a member of NCH (www.nationalhomeless.org), that way, you’ll receive our monthly newsletter and updates! Next, we all need to work to listen to the stories and experiences of those who are un-housed. You have the perfect opportunity to advocate for the people you know who reside at the shelter you work at! Follow us on Facebook.com/NationalCoalitionfortheHomeless and Twitter.com/Ntl_Homeless and repost our updates. Encourage your shelter to get involved in advocacy by forming a self-advocacy group made up of residents. Find others you can work with (@HardlyNormal is a great advocate also located in LA). Call us at 202-462-4822 or email info@nationalhomeless.org for more!!

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