HUD to publish new Continuum of Care Regulations under HEARTH

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is expected to publish later this week in the Federal Register interim regulations for the new Continuum of Care (CoC) program under the HEARTH Act and a summary of these regulations.

Eligible activities & program requirements of the CoC program addressed in the regulations are:

  • Permanent housing ( PSH for people with disabilities and rapid re-housing) (PSH)
  • Transitional housing (TH)
  • Supportive Services Only (SSO)
  • Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)
  • Prevention (For High Performing Communities designees)

“HUD expects the regulation to be published in the Federal Register in the coming week. The interim regulation will be effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register. The final Homeless Definition is in effect for administration of the CoC Program interim rule.”

Read the Regulations and Summary

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3 Responses to HUD to publish new Continuum of Care Regulations under HEARTH

  1. Bob Moore says:

    Even though ESG (Emergency Solutions Grant, formerly Emergency Shelter Grant) isn’t one of the funded programs, the new CoC Interim Rule requires collaboration between ESG recipients and CoCs and also gives CoCs evaluation responsibilities for ESG outcomes. So read the info, especially the Guide available at, to learn about these important changes.

  2. I ama 63 year old disabled, homeless woman. I moved from my home in Calif, in Feb of 2008 to care for my ailing. 90 year old mother, who had been alone in her home for several years. I was one of 6 siblings, and no one else could or would care for her. She earned around$700 monthly, and needed someone to ensure she was fed and cared for. I spent nearly 3 years supporting and caring for her. I was and am paying nearly $400 monthly to store my personal belongings, which I have no access to, as they are in Santa Clarita, CA, anmod six months after her death, I was told to get out of her home, as nimy family had decided to sell it. I had spent 6 grueling months cleaning out 50 years of her memories, oclothing, and personal effects. I had no where to go and am ill myself, as well, I was and am quite ill. MY mothers doctor of 25 years told offered me the opportunity to move to one of 500 apartments he owned in Savanah, GA. I HEAD noothing

  3. france hubbard says:

    I will be homeless if I dont do something but try to do something.I am unemploy and living in my mother and daddy house and,it a old plank house that he build by hand and it 50yrs. Old and it really need some work,befor falling in and some eletric socket dont even work so I think about that when I sleep at night.

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