Affordable Care Act – Individual Mandate UPHELD

The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) supports today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding sound healthcare legislation and affirming individual mandates. Today’s ruling brings us closer to recognizing that all Americans should have access to medical care, regardless of financial or health status.  The individual mandate will increase affordable healthcare access to more of our country’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens.  While NCH applauds this initial step towards change, it will continue to advocate for a health care system that guarantees access and eliminates all financial barriers to health care services for all Americans.  NCH looks forward to discussing equitable and practical solutions to ensure that all homeless people have access to medical coverage.

Here is the Supreme Court’s full decision.

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2 Responses to Affordable Care Act – Individual Mandate UPHELD

  1. Antone Lang says:

    I want to know how this will help the homeless.

    All Americans will be required to buy health insurance…

    Now, my wife and I are not homeless (yet), but, we are poor enough to where we have to go to food panties, just to barely have enough food to eat. What ever we end up having to spend on health care insurance will come out of our food budget…If it’s too much we won’t be able to afford the rent (we live in a place that even the cops hate going too), then, we’ll be homeless.

    And…Back to the homeless…To a homeless person, a 20 dollar bill is as cherished and as rare, as a 500 dollar bill is to the middle class…Where do you think they are going to get the money for a healthcare premium? And, what about that $600 non-compliance tax (fine)?…Will the homeless be rounded up en masse?…Where will they keep them?

  2. The Medicare provision of the bill would extend free health coverage to a larger number of people who have low incomes. Essentially, most all people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness would qualify for Medicare starting in 2014. The idea is to lessen the financial burden of health care for those who are already having to choose between food and medicine.

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