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Segmentation of the Homeless Population

Over the past few months, a lot of media attention has been given to President Obama’s plan to end veteran homelessness by 2015. Without a doubt, this plan is honorable, and was proposed with noble intentions. Veteran homelessness is a … Continue reading

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The Controversial “Safety Net” (1981 to 2012)

Over the past several decades, the usage and connotation of the term ‘safety net’ has changed, but the need has only increased. The ‘safety net’ encompasses various programs, such as Medicaid for children and families, Medicare for the elderly, Food … Continue reading

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Occupy Homelessness: A News Update

While Occupy movements across the country have been forced to relocate from parks and have become less visible to communities and the media, many Occupiers have been finding creative ways to use their protests to assist community members who are … Continue reading

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Homelessness is not a minor problem

As our Executive Director Neil Donovan said in a “Traveling with Neil” video recently, homelessness cannot be solved by targeting sub-populations. However, they may provide volunteers, spectators, and politicians with a multidimensional view or homelessness beyond what stigmas or preconceived … Continue reading

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